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Welcome to our little corner in paradise, a gateway to historical discoveries, breathtaking landscapes and seas, flavors and textures, explosions of the unique Albanian cuisine.
Experience the new, explore the traditional.



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Places to Explore

Muradie – The Old Town

A walk to remember – Muradie is one of the historic sites in Vlore, officialized as an open museum. The streets that form Muradie is affectionately called Cafe Road: colorful houses, traditional shops and warm people are waiting there for you. Having a traditional coffee in a classic Muradie house, seeing the streets illuminated with bright spots of a romantic and enchanting light is an unique walk to remember.

Zvernec Island

Zvernec island is the homeland to St. Mary’s Monastery, thirteenth or fourtenth century Byzantine church, based on the magnificent and wild Narta lagoon. This place holds its own magical beauty for each time of the day. At the morning you can ride a bike through the monastery bridge and enjoy the lagoon breeze and the smell of fresh leaves. By the evening, you can experience the enchanting Zvernec’s sunset and then by the nightfall see the vast expanse of the sky and the spectacle of the stars laying in the soft sand of Narta.

Exclusive Offers

Sensory journeys through flavors and albanian cuisine, a delicious immersion in our culture and history, designed for a romantic date, moments with family and friends

Mondays Offer

When life gives you MONDAYS, take a gateway to Kraal Hotel. Book a room with the promotion code M-day15 to get 15% off for your stay

Family Offer

Family time is quality time. Enjoy our semi-olympic swimming pool and the dedicated area for the little ones, to create sunny memories. Book a room for yourself and get a second room for your kids (12 years or under) at half price with the promotion code Child-50

Wellbeing Weekend Offer

The uniqueness waits for you, experience the Junior and Suite accommodations, with stunning sea view and jacuzzi, with couple massage included. Minimum of two nights stay, use the promotion code: BEKRAAL


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